Indiegogo Interactive Visualization

Indiegogo Interactive Visualization

Project Profile

If you hover over the bubles, you can see not only the category for which they belong, but also the number of Backers per 100.000 and the project balance amount in US Million dollars.

  • ■  The category with both more investment and more backers is Film.

  • ■  It is followed by Fashion in terms of investment: it has the second highest investment.

  • ■  Phones and Accessories also comes in second, but in terms of backers, with 900.000 backers.

  • ■  The in between categories are Travel, Health, Audio, Local Business and Transportation.

  • ■  The projects that receive less attention, both in terms of investment and backers are Spiritually, Welness and Podcasts.

  • Currency

  • ■  80% of all projects are from the United States. Despite the fact that Indiegogo is and international crowdfunding website, 4 in 5 projects belong to the US

  • ■  After the United States, comes Great Britain with 8% representation in Indiegogo

  • ■  Then Euro, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars.

  • Backers Profile

  • ■  There are 7,638.792 Backers in this dataset

  • ■  Each project has on average 108 Backers

  • ■  Each Backers gives on average 150 US Dollars for each Project