Hi, my name is

Francisca Dias

A Data Analyst, with a background in Economics and Finance.


A sample of my data projects.

All Business Credit Predictive Modelling Text Analytics Tutorials

Machine Learning on Costumer Churn

Algorithm Tuning and Ensemble Methods
Journal version

Predicting Employee Turnover

Who will leave the company next?
Source Code

Evaluation Metrics for Classification Problem

Accuracy, Confusion Matrix and Classification Report
Journal version

Oil Prices in Equador

ARIMA Time Series Model
Source Code

Predicting luxury items

Is this a luxury product or not?
Journal version

200.000 Indiegogo Projects

Analysis & Dynamic Visualizations
Source Code

Year Review

2017 Financial Stories
Source Code

Cork Industry Trade in Portugal

2016 Analysis & getting data from an API
Source Code

Top 4000 Kickstarter Projects

Visual guide through Statistics
Source Code

Categorising News Articles

Type a headline and it will tell you the category
Journal version

Commercial Bank Failures

A visual guide from 1934 till now
Source Code

Talks & Workshops


About Me

I'm a Data Analyst, with a major in Economics from UCP in Portugal and a Masters in Finance, spending one year as an exchange student at Loughborough University, UK.

Currently working at Jumia, as a Data Analyst in the Business Intelligence Finance department. Previously I worked in Washington D.C. for three years, at the Inter American Development Bank. First as consultant at the IIC and later in the IT department.

Returning to Portugal, I worked in Lisbon in Private Banking, developing applications in VBA to automate the data reporting process, done manually up to that point. I then moved to an insurance company, implementing solutions to surface relevant information from the internal data warehouse.

For the past year I have been devoted to further my skills in data analytics, with a focus on open-data and web development.


You can reach me at .
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